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We’re the cowboys on top of your roof, keeping you safe and dry, when no one else will go. We are part of a passionate trade, superheroes with BIG hearts that believe giving back is our responsibility to you & everyone in the community.

Thank you for 30 years! – Charles Antis, Founder & CEO, 

Charles Antis:

Hi, I’m Charles Antis and 30 years ago today, Antis Roofing was born 30 years. Also around that time, I remember getting a call, went to a home. The door opened and I was overwhelmed with the smell of mildew. There was no money to pay for anything in this home, but I was led in by a small girl with a big smile. She showed me her living room or hallway and finally her bedroom where I saw four moldy mattresses on the ground and I didn’t know what to do, but that was the moment that we realize why we existed. Somehow with a bunch of volunteers, we were able to donate a roof that changed that family’s life. Little did I know that changed our life because we know why we existed. We exist to keep families safe and dry, and we’ve been doing that for 30 years.

Today, We have an amazing team doing amazing things around the world. The funny thing is I used to be ashamed. There was a time that I was ashamed of my trade. I was ashamed of my hands because I had cracks, cuts, banged nails, and caulking in my fingers. I used to put them in my pockets when I talked, and today I use my hands when I talk because I’m no longer ashamed. I’m proud at Antis Roofing. We’re those cowboys that go out on the roof and protect your stuff in the rain when no one else will, we’re superheroes. We protect every family in this country and keep them safe and dry. I’m proud of our profession and we are changing the world one roof at a time. Thank you. All of our stakeholders for 30 years. Let’s do 30 more!

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