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It’s hard for Charles Antis, the founder and CEO of Orange County-based Antis Roofing & Waterproofing, to say no. “You just have to say ‘yes’ in the moment,” encourages Antis, the charismatic, community-minded CEO.

When the pandemic hit, requests for help were coming in fast to Antis, whose company and employee volunteers supports more than 100 nonprofits, including Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House.

One of those pressing pandemic needs: blood.

Susan DeGrassi is Antis Roofing’s Vice President, Administration & Cause. She also serves as a board member for the American Red Cross, Orange County. “When the pandemic began, many of the providers of space to host blood drives cancelled – schools, churches — businesses that were not able to be open to the public,” DeGrassi explains. “That set in motion a dire need for blood which is still ongoing.”

With plenty of easy parking and a central O.C. location, Antis Roofing responded to the need by hosting blood drives. “When a business has a resource to share, it deepens the relationship and makes the connection just that much more meaningful,” says DeGrassi.

Antis estimates that the company has hosted more than 50 blood drives for 1,000+ donors. “That’s almost 4,000 lives saved,” Antis emphasizes.

Antis Roofing doubled down on their volunteer engagement early in the pandemic; at a time when many were reticent to get involved, due to legitimate concerns for personal safety.

Charles Antis recalls his own trepidation when his team from Antis Roofing partnered with Wahoo’s Fish Taco to deliver meals at Children’s Health of Orange County (CHOC) hospital in Orange during the wake of COVID-19. “I was like, ‘we’re going to a hospital?’” says Antis. But when he saw “CHOC nurses that were walking down the hallways — working doubles with scabs around their eyes from masking — and we got to go there and say ‘thank you,’ that’s when it came full circle for me,” says Antis.

Antis experienced the same reaction when his company partnered with Wahoo’s (as part of the California Love Drop initiative) to donate meals to first-responders at an O.C. police station. “I saw a captain in tears and he said it was the first act of kindness he had seen in two months,” Antis recalls.

Building roofs and making tacos might seems like strange bedfellows, but Antis found a kindred soul in Wahoo’s co-founder, Wing Lam. “We both believe in saying ‘yes’ to asks,” Antis says, explaining how two companies “that previously never held hands” can collaborate for good.

At a time when employees are searching for genuine fulfillment at the workplace, Antis encourages other CEOs to become community leaders for change. “When you put the purpose before profit, it ensures a company, its employees and the entire community will thrive together.”  

“We have these tremendous groups of people that we love,” says Antis, referring to his staff, “these important stakeholders.” Volunteering and community service bring “more purpose in our work.”

[Article published by OC Register, Sunday, November 14, 2021]

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