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Fall is here and the rain has come back to California. While this may mean headaches and frustration for the property managers who didn’t prepare for the leaky roof season, Antis’s roof maintenance clients can sit back and relax knowing we’ve kept their roofs and decking in top shape. If a leak does occur, we’ll be there in no time to fix it—after all, we’ve got roofing technicians located within 10 miles of just about any roofing emergency in Orange County, and our health-threatening emergency response policy means we will be at your door in two hours or less.

To help our clients enjoy the wet weather and their time indoors, we’ve created a playlist of some of our favorite rainy day music. The selections reflect the dedication we have to our customers through thick and thin, and many of the songs pay tribute to the wonderful inspiration that rain can have on people when they’re not worried about leaking roofs and the thousands of dollars in water damage leaks can cause.

So grab your favorite cold weather beverage, put on your Snuggie, park yourself on the couch and enjoy the sound of the rain.

And if you’ve yet to sign up for Antis Roofing and Waterproofing maintenance, head on over to our contact page and get it done today!

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