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”The first real rain of the season had our phones ringing off the hook – with hundreds of calls coming in daily,” said Jose Vasquez, Customer Service Manager. “At Antis, we are committed to responding to every call in less than 24 hours, so our technicians worked around the clock to make it happen. We had the support of everyone on the Antis team, including our Director of Sales, Aaron. This is just another example of the amazing team at Antis working together to get things done!”

Rain or shine, Jose is one of Antis’s many superheroes, whose life and career experiences have made him a perfect fit for the team. Jose’s can-do approach and positive attitude are key to his success. His sunny disposition (even on rainy days) was an asset at his previous work for Disney. In fact, he still has the “smile in his voice” from his training there. At Antis, he combines this positivity with discipline, strategy and critical thinking. Before his sister Melina, another valued Antis employee, introduced him to the company, Jose built up would could be the world’s most diverse resume with jobs on both coasts ranging from military service (U.S. Army) to a successful stint as a background actor. “I really like variety and change in my day-to-day work,” said Jose. “That’s one of the greatest things about working for Antis. You never know what each day is going to bring and our entire team is always ready to shift and accommodate whatever is necessary to take care of our customers.”

While the company’s team remains nimble to shift their focus depending on what each day brings, Antis’s core values don’t shift, which, Jose says, provides stability and structure. “Antis is truly different than any other place I have ever worked. From my first day, I’ve always felt welcome and like I am spending the day with my family. We all come together to support each other and in turn, our customers.”

The Antis philosophy is to provide employees with the tools they need to be the best in their fields. One of the most important cornerstones at Antis is trusting and empowering employees to make the right decisions, which instills a sense of personal pride across the company. The customer service team’s core objectives are to respond to all requests the same day (or in less than 24 hours) – even on the weekends. “We ensure that every caller knows that their issue has been resolved or is in the process of being resolved,” said Jose. “We make sure every that every one of our callers is respected, valued, heard and has a great experience with every member of our team.”
“Each and every one of my team members has a special skill and through the combination of all of them, we have a perfect team who can respond to any situation,” said Jose. “I also know that a steady supply of Starbucks and chips goes a long way to keep my team motivated, happy and appreciated.” A quick inspection of Jose’s desk shows that his drawer overflows with treats for his crew and the well-caffeinated team truly appreciates their boss!

“Under Jose’s leadership, our Customer Service team is driven to make a difference with each person they support so that at the end of the day they know they’ve made someone’s day a little bit better or in the case of a leaky roof that we’ve literally come to their rescue! Jose has the natural ability to coach his team members to find their potential through collaboration and a focus on the common goal of serving the community. We are lucky to have Jose leading the team that serves our customers.”  – Karen L. Inman, President & COO

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