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Our Antis champion for this week is Ms. Teri Jo Cherry.

Teri Jo or TJ as we like to call her, is the engine of our company. Having spent over 20 years working in production and operations roles, TJ has been with us for the past three years as Business Operations Manager. Working closely with the senior team, she (like most of our team) wears many hats. As someone who has a wealth of knowledge and experience, she is invaluable to the continuity of our company.

“I enjoy my job but I enjoy the people even more.”

It was when she was looking for a career change when TJ came across Antis. While working as a property manager, she saw Antis (one of her vendors at the time) as a company that she wanted to work for. From the outside looking in, TJ saw potential and possibilities with us that she couldn’t find elsewhere. Our company culture is what attracted her the most.

TJ previously worked for companies with similar goals, structures and ethoses. The working environments were often tense, and focused more on individuals rather than collaborating as a team. Given her experiences working for traditional companies that focus on turning a profit, TJ valued our focus of turning a profit while making a difference in the local community.

When I speak with people who ask me what I do for a living, I tell them proudly I work for Antis, which is not just a roofing company, but a company that gives back to many great charities. Then I list them off! Most people say what a great company and it must be fun to work there, and they’re right, It is!

Looking to the future, TJ hopes to get more involved in our social efforts.

I have been to two Habitat for Humanity OC events. The second time I made sure to take my young niece and nephew. Because we (Antis) installed the roofs over homes that were dedicated by Habitat, I felt extremely humble and proud that the company I work for gave such a great gift to several well-deserving families.”

No two days are the same for TJ, things are constantly moving and her willingness to learn and adapt to situations has helped us tremendously. She finds structure in our sometimes unstructured world.

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