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Given the 2017 first place in Community Involvement Award at the international Roofing Expo, Antis Roofing and Waterproofing is helping the community through their reliable services. Not only do they provide services but they also serve as leaders in the Orange County community by working with organizations such as Habitat OC and the Ronald McDonald House BOD. This week, Charles Antis and Karen Inman joined us on Critical Mass to talk more about Antis, how they are working to give back to the community, and why they value it.

Here are three takeaways from our time with Charles and Karen on Critical Mass Radio Show:

1. Have a “why” in your business. Building an attractive brand is about much more than building profit: it is also about finding purpose. Having a “why” behind the work your company does will draw people in, on both the consumer and employee side. Regardless of what your specific “why” is, the willingness to be direct and transparent about your philosophy makes it so much easier to answer questions, because your why dictates everything you do and say. It may take time to explore and understand the context of your firm’s “why,” but it will make all the difference in how your organization operates. With a recent declining rate in employee retention, you have to have a “why” to survive. Let purpose drive your firm, and say yes to doing more and doing better.

2. Get to the core of what drives YOU. Not only is it important to have a core philosophy as a company, it is also incredibly beneficial to have one as an individual, that reflects how you make decisions and see the world, both professionally and personally. As you brainstorm craft your core philosophy, think of it like a personal mission statement. Developing this not only serves to articulate who you are and how you operate; it also builds culture within your organization and helps guide the organization as a whole.

3. In order to grow, give more. Err on the side of generosity with all of your stakeholders, and always do the right thing. Give what you can, whether it be monetary or time, and don’t cheat anybody. Don’t forget to give to your team/employees first and foremost, as, when listened to, they will reciprocate and give back to your company tenfold. When you give, you grow…and then, once you grow, you are able to give even more because you have the resources to do so. Lead from a place of abundance, and you will attract abundance.

Listen to our full interview with Charles Antis and Karen Inman below:


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