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We have a new and raring-to-go Marketing Coordinator in our ranks. He is Angel Beltran, a charming, young, first generation Mexican American. He is also a first-generation college graduate who studied communication at California State University, San Bernardino.

Looking for a job at a company aligned with his own values Angel came across Antis Roofing & Waterproofing. Our community outreach work impressed him but he initially hesitated because frankly, we sounded too good to be true! However, “Once I met the ringleaders behind the show, and heard their passionate stories of why they do what they do in person – I was convinced that it would be a mistake not to join this wonderful, amazing team.”

Angel brings a wealth of diversity and knowledge. His prior experience includes internal PR at a global manufacturing company and he has been assistant to a financial advisor at a small company. Antis is right in his wheelhouse, not too small or not too big. Here he will be applying what he learned at both ends of the spectrum to strengthen our marketing initiatives.

Like us, Angel believes in the domino effect of kindness. He says (and we agree) that “when you plant the seed in someone to do good, then good will grow and flourish.” He also likes the fact that rather than limiting ourselves to a single cause or non-profit, we care for many organizations. Being a first-generation Mexican American, he was happy to discover in one of their earlier discussions that the leadership team admires and embeds Hispanic culture in the core foundation of the company.

On his first few days at Antis, Angel said that “just like a child with a new toy I couldn’t wait to rip the package open and see what this and that button would do. I had many ideas circling my creative brain that I wanted to rush into things.” However, as the roofing industry is still a new ball game to Angel, he has been taking things step by step in his first few months. He recently took part in two of our social good activities – the Orange County Ronald McDonald House ‘Meals of Love’ and the OC Food Bank ‘Feeding Our Seniors’. Both events provided meals to people in need and Angel found it a gratifying experience.

Apart from staying engaged in social good activities, Angel is also looking forward to working hands-on at actual job sites. As the company grows, new creative ways of connecting with people are emerging. Angel aims to become a well-rounded marketer within the industry and turn innovative ideas into realities. Angel understands that Antis has a solid reputation that goes beyond business and he is looking forward to flying that flag.

Q&A with Angel:

Tell us something unique about yourself.

I spend a lot of time trying to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and then I spend even more time trying to figure out why. As a marketer, I think it’s important to understand “the why,” the reason behind why people do things, the reason why certain trends are happening, and then decoding and implementing that into marketing strategies and campaigns that I am involved in.

Tell us of an achievement you are most proud of?

If I work hard enough – I can achieve anything I set my mind to. However, I am most proud of myself for not letting failures get me down. I continue to pursue my goals, both professionally and personally.

What’s your ideal vacation destination?

I would love to eat my way through Europe – beginning in Spain, munch through France, then load up on carbs in Italy, and take a nap in Greece. The life!

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